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VSAT DSi9 Ku PRO | Marine VSAT antenna with 90 cm dish size for Ku-band satellite services

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Reflector 90 cm
Radome (DxH) 111 cm x 114 cm
Weight 75 Kg
Elevation range -15° to +120°
Skew range Auto -120° to +120°
Cross Level range -45° to +45°
Max. tracking speed 50°/s
BUC Power 8W / 16W / 25W
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Marine antenna for fast internet everywhere

The DSi9 Ku PRO employs state-of-the-art technology and is our most sought maritime VSAT antenna in Ku-band. With the latest generation of tracking technology, the DSi9 Ku represents the perfect solution for all requirements of a reliable and fast internet on any type of marine vessel.

EPAK designs and builds VSAT internet antennas to work even in the hardest weather conditions at sea. Only top quality materials are used and manufacturing is done in-house, observing tight quality control regulations and safety norms.

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Excellent tracking performance

The result is a robust and rugged stabilized antenna system with high tracking accuracy. in short, the perfect solution for those who venture into open seas without wanting to give up a stable and fast internet connection.

The DSi9 Ku reaches excellent tracking performance under the hardest marine motion profile “Class A”, defined by Global VSAT Forum and Fraunhofer Institute.

LEO, MEO, GEO supported.


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Flexible Networks

Flexibility is the keyword: set up different networks and variable prioritisations, handle each network separately and set up various user rights.

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Quality Performance

Speed of 50° /s per axis and highest tracking accuracy for a stable and reliable connection in stormy weather and rough seas.

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High BUC Power

This VSAT Internet system is equipped with powerful transmitter units -up to 16W for increased upload performance.

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Help Desk

Technical support and free remote assistance are guaranteed by our professional team and available any time during and after warranty.

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Remote Access Management

Access, monitor and control the DSi6 Ku VSAT system from every location in the world or set up an automated system diagnostics including event logging.

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LTE Plug & Go SIM Cards

You can insert two local SIM cards into the antenna's control unit to access low-cost, high-speed Internet when a 3G/4G network is available.

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No more blind spots: Diversity Kit for automatic handover in a dual antenna system.
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FAQ Installation

Check our frequently asked questions, all you need to know about installation.
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Coastal Internet: switch from satellite internet to 3G / 4G when approaching the coast.
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Integration of a fourth motion axis makes tracking faster and more flexible.