Fast, reliable, convenient, fit to your needs: maritime Internet as at home.

Broadband Internet at Sea

A fast satellite Internet connection at sea is no longer a complicated and expensive privilege. EPAK maritime VSAT antennas are designed to deliver top-performing unlimited satellite Internet connection on-board according exactly to your need. Operating on vessels of any kind all over the world (leisure yachts, fishing vessels, cruising companies, workboats, oil and rig platforms, international army projects) our stabilized, auto-tracking satcom antennas are state-of-the-art, easy-to-install systems that provide you with voice (VoIP) and data-connectivity everywhere at sea.

EPAK VSAT satellite antennas are available in Ku band and Ka Band. Most systems are modular and can be fitted with a selection of transceivers to obtain optimal transmitting power. Antennas sizes are available in 60 cm, 90 cm, and 130 cm dish diameters.

grafische Darstellung von zwei verschiedenen Frequenzbänder

Dual Band Option

EPAK VSAT antennas can be adapted for satellite services in Ku-band or Ka-band with a simple conversion.
The conversion option increases flexibility when searching for the most favourable tariffs.

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Flexible Solutions

EPAK offers flexible airitime contracts in Ku and Ka band to match individual requirements.

For more details see Satellite Services

Detail einer Satellitenantenne

Distinguished Technology

Benefit from EPAK's long-standing expertise in maritime communication solutions. EPAK VSAT systems guarantee highest network availability even under the most difficult conditions.

Mit einem Modem verbundene Kabel

Open Systems

EPAK stabilized internet antennas are open systems and are compatible with various modems such as STM, iDirect, Satnet, Hughes, Paradise Datacom, Romantis and many more.
All antennas comply with ETSI 302 340.

VSAT Comparison table

Bild der 60 cm Antenne
Bild der 90 cm Ku Antenne Bild der 90 cm Ka Antenne Bild der 130 cm Antenne
Reflector diameter
Reflector diameter 60 cm 90 cm 90 cm 130 cm
Radome DxH
Radome DxH 73 cm x 81 cm 111 cm x 114 cm 111 cm x 114 cm 153 cm x 168 cm
Weight 46 Kg 75 Kg 75 Kg 120 Kg
Minimum E.I.R.P.
Minimum E.I.R.P. 46 dBW 43 dBW / 40 dBW
LNB Universal Universal (LOF 18.25 GHz) Universal
BUC Super Extended Ku Super Extended Ku (LOF 18.25 GHz) Super Extended Ku
BUC Power
BUC Power 4 / 8 / 16 W 8 / 16 / 25 W 5 W 8 / 16 / 25 / 40 W
RX/TX Polarisation
RX/TX Polarisation Linear, X-pol Linear, Co- and X-pol Zirkular, X-pol Linear, Co- and X-pol
Max. tracking speed
Max. tracking speed 50°/s 50°/s 50°/s 35°/s
Elevation range
Elevation range
-15° to +120° -15° to +120° -15° to +120° -20° to +115°
Skew range
Skew range Auto ±120° Auto ±120° / Auto ±120°
Cross Level range
Cross Level range ±45° ±45° ±45° ±45°
Max. Ship motion
Max. Ship motion

Roll ±40° @6 sec
Pitch ±30° @6 sec
Yaw ±15° @6 sec

Roll ±35° @6 sec
Pitch ±25° @6 sec
Yaw ±15° @6 sec
Roll ±35° @6 sec
Pitch ±25° @6 sec
Yaw ±15° @6 sec
Roll ±30° @9 sec
Pitch ±20° @9 sec
Yaw ±8° @12 sec
Motion system
Motion system 3 axis + auto Skew 3 axis + auto Skew 3 axis 3 axis + auto Skew