LEO Satellites Revolutionize Land Mobile Connectivity

Kymeta Hawk u8

Satellite connectivity solutions

VSAT terminals for mobile satellite communication on the road have been rare to date, with use cases primarily in military communications, remote broadcasting, and some commercial applications. Only a few users have been able to afford this technology until now.

OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are revolutionizing satcom-on-the-move these days by providing high-speed, low-latency broadband data at affordable cost. Covering the globe from pole to pole, they provide fast internet to remote sites and on all mobile applications including disaster response vehicles, buses, or trains.

A Complete Connectivity Solution for disaster response vehicles

In the event of forest fires, floods, storms, or earthquakes, terrestrial communication is usually disrupted in the area of operation.

Satellite internet is therefore ideal for emergency communication – and even more practical if it is permanently installed on the emergency vehicles and therefore ready for use at any time. First responders can communicate reliably with each other and with the command center during their approach to the scene and on arrival, without the need for any technical setup. Thanks to the LEO satellites, high data rates for video transmissions (for instance footage captured by drones) are now technically and financially feasible.

EPAK offers the complete solution of Kymeta’s u8 Hawk and OneWeb’s data service. Monthly rates for the data contracts start as low as 880 EUR.

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The Kymeta Hawk u8 is a complete connectivity solution ready to provide on-the-go communications when and where you need it. This flat-panel antenna is based on Kymeta’s industry-leading, electronically steered terminal and mounts easily on vehicles and vessels to provide seamless satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular connectivity.

Peregrine u8 Features

Ikon - Auto


  • Compact, durable design with clean styling
  • Low profile, high agility, durable, and aerodynamic design
  • Suitable for most fixed sites, including towers, buildings, and infrastructure projects
  • A family of accessories for easy vehicle integration
Ikon - Sonne und Schnee


  • Most hours of real-world operations for any terminal in its class
  • Suitable for various industries
    Industry-leading temperature operating range
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  • Unbox, mount, and connect power
  • No special training required for installation
  • Simplified installation process for anyone to follow
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  • Metamaterials unique approach sets Kymeta apart in the market
  • Best performance over scan in its class
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  • Less than 100W nominal power consumption
  • Compatible with almost all road vehicles and mobility applications
  • Can be powered by solar panels, generators, or various alternative backup power options
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  • Optional embedded multi-WAN
  • Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Satellite network connection options
  • Robust and ultra-reliable communication
  • Provides communication wherever you go
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  • Kymeta Access app provides an intuitive interactive experience
  • Eases every aspect of terminal interaction
  • Out-of-box experience made easy
  • One-touch functions for convenience
  • Troubleshooting support available
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Öffentliche Sicherheit
Ein Krankenwagen mit einer Flachantenne auf dem Dach
Medizinische Notfallfahrzeuge
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