What is it about to work in the satellite communications field


Who we are

EPAK is a technology company, developing and manufacturing automatic satellite antennas. The company has its headquarters in Leipzig, Germany – an established market presence in Europe – and a growing network of partners worldwide.

EPAK-Ingenieur kontrolliert die Leistung einer Antenne

EPAK antennas bring satellite TV and Internet to any seagoing vessel. The antennas must accurately compensate the ship movement to stay aligned and connected to a satellite at 36.000 km distance, even during harsh conditions. To master this technical challenge, we have a strong research and development background in satellite communication. Our products are the result of thorough engineering and expert knowledge.
Continuous development and superior customer support are key to our success which is why all essential processes and competencies are managed in-house, including researching, prototyping, series production and technical support.

We are a dynamic, young and friendly team, working in an innovative environment. Our business is fast-paced and demanding and is characterized by flat hierarchies and quick decision making.

Fields of occupation

Hardware Development: Conceptual design, CAD design, PCB design, complex algorithms for satellite tracking

IT: House-IT, writing software for the operation of antennas

Customer Support: Monitoring, Trouble shooting, Remote support and updates, installations on-board vessels, Training

Production: Assembly of mechanical and electronic parts for prototypes and series production, testing, commissioning

Admin: Procurement, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Graphic Design, Recruitment, Legal & contract management

What's in it for you?

Learning: You learn a lot in your job: From day 1 you start taking on responsibilities. Opportunities arise almost daily for those who are eager to learn and to grow. Structures and tasks are not static and can be adjusted according to interest and best fit.

We work side by side. The next department is only on the other side of the hallway and interdisciplinary problem solving is regular practice. If you care to look beyond your immediate task and ask questions, you can broaden the horizon of your understanding for how things work as a whole.

Unique Experience: We work hard and focus on results but we are not stiff as a poker. There is occasion and time for a joke, a match of table football or some coffee and cake.

We value flat hierarchies and open doors. Sit with the CEO for lunch and discuss your ideas if you like. Some of our best product ideas were born like this.

Purpose: Sure, in the end the company is about paying bills, making a margin and growing the business. But a big share of our daily concern is about driving innovation, testing technical features, giving superior customer support, working smoothly as a team and improving day by day. Everybody’s input is recognized and we are proud to see our ideas and work turned to tangible products.

Work-Life Balance: We care for results more than for your time sheet – which is why we keep flexible working hours. Something urgent comes up and you need to take the day off tomorrow? Usually no problem, we just need to coordinate. The concept is “Give and Take” – in turn we expect that you will not let the team down when a project needs finishing.

Career Prospects: EPAK is a growing company and is recognized worldwide in the maritime sector. Yet, in mid-sized companies the typical career steps differ from those in big companies. What we offer is a space for your personal and professional development, we trust you with responsibility and the resources to make things happen.

Tips for your application and job interview

Application: Documents should include a cover-letter, CV, and relevant references and certificates. Obviously, we first look for qualification and skills that match our requirements. Second, we like to get an idea about the candidates personality: interests, achievements, motivation. Highlight what you are passionate about, but keep it short and simple.

Arriving for an Interview: Finding a parking space and the correct entrance to our company can be tricky. Allow 5- 10 minutes extra and avoid the stress.

Dress code: Business casual (No need to wear a suit, unless you like it.)

Course of the interview: We usually start with an introduction on both sides and then go through the candidates work experience. Have some examples ready that give an insight about your skills. The description of a real life project and how you dealt with a challenge can tell us much about how you can fit with the team and how likely you are to master the tasks we are looking to put on you.

Ask questions! Because this is no one-way-appraisal. Before you commit yourself to spending your energy and time with us every day, you have the right to know what it will be like.

You will sit face to face with two or three of our colleagues, depending on the position you apply for. Consider this amount of attention as a compliment. We are also full of expectations about a new colleague and well-disposed towards all candidates. There will be no stress tests or puzzles to solve. We just want to get to know you a bit.

After the interview: We consult, evaluate and usually send an answer within a couple of days.

Open positions

There are no open positions at the moment.