Marine Sat-TV antenna for seamless TV reception with 130 cm diameter dish


DS13 PRO | Large Marine Satellite TV antenna

Picture of Satellite TV Antenna 130cm
Reflector 130 cm
Radome dimensions (DxH) 153 cm x 168 cm
Weight 120 Kg
Elevation range -20° to +115°
Skew range Auto -120° to +120°
Cross Level range -45° to +45°
Max. tracking speed 35°/s
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Our largest marine satellite TV antenna

EPAK DS13 PRO provides a strong signal for TV and HDTV channels on a very wide foot-print, being compatible with most leading satellite TV providers in the world. The automated tracking system guarantees best signal quality even during extremely tilted positions and rough sea movement.

The DS13 is a state-of-the-art marine television antenna for medium and large vessels traveling far distances. Enjoy the quality of on-board TV entertainment in High-Definition, in your language & wherever you are.

With our Diversity Kit, you can avoid blind spots and signal interruptions for a flawless and relaxing television experience at sea.

LEO, MEO, GEO supported.


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Several satellites to select from

You can store several satellites and easily switch between them using a shortlist.

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Connect several receivers

By using multi-switches you can have any number of receivers watching different TV channels at the same time.

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A dual antenna system provides remedy if the installation location is not ideal. The DivKit automatically switches to the antenna with a clear view and thus prevents interruptions due to obstruction.

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Help Desk

Technical support and free remote assistance and available any time during and after warranty.

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Remote Management Access

Access, monitor and control your EPAK antenna from every location in the world or set up an automated system diagnostics including event logging.

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LTE Plug & Go SIM Karten

You can insert two local SIM cards into the antenna's control unit to access low-cost, high-speed Internet when a 3G/4G network is available.

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Diversity kit for automatic handover in a dual antenna system
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FAQ Installation

Check our frequently asked questions, all you need to know about installation.
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Switch from satellite internet to 3G / 4G when approaching the coast.
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Integration of a fourth motion axis makes tracking faster and more flexible.
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Headend Station

Supply a large number of cabins on a big vessel with multiple TC Channels.