Our powerful and practical router


Convenient enterprise-grade router for controlling a multi-person vessel network on all satellite broadband installations and optimize ship operations.

This network management tool is essential for anyone who needs to supervise and optimize several ship operations. The Vessel Network Management offers operational efficiency, network control, crew hotspot & crew calling access for VSAT data service including BYOD functionality for smartphone, tablet or laptop. It is key for reliability and performance in terms of organization and fleet safety requirements.

Bild des Routers

EVO2 router and web-based platform give every user in a shared network the optimum capacity of available bandwidth.

Main Features:

Ikon - Steurkonsole

Control Panel

Complete monitoring.

Ikon - BYOD

Bring Your Own Device

BYOD: seafarers can access data services using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Ikon VoIP

VoIP/Voice services

Make calls with both VoIP (Internet) and Voice (Satellite) using a single crew calling card.

Ikon wan

Multi WAN

Centralized control of all individual connection modes (FBB, VSAT, 3G, Wi-Fi).

Ikon Hotspot

Hotspot management

Manage crew, passenger and operational data access

Ikon - Gateway

Auto Gateway Selection

Control cost and bandwidth automatically. Automated polling for the most reliable internet gateway.

Ikon Hotspot


Control vessels network, firewall, port forwarding etc. any time by using two-levels authentication security.

Ikon failover

True Failover

Double the hardware and power supplies so you are never offline.

Ikon - komprimierung

Web compression

Rreduce http data consumption up to 50%

Ikon Windows

Windows-based user interface

Windows application for manual override.

Ikon - Filter

Web filtering

Domain-name filtering divided into categories with a database of 460 million webpages.

Ikon 3G

Expandable 3G/LTE Modules

Option for additional features.

Ikon Stats

Netstats reporting

Monitor bandwidth consumption (business, crew, VoIP).

Ikon QoS


A set of fair use policies and traffic priorizations.