Product Care & Maintenance

EPAK is committed to developing and producing high-quality satellite TV & VSAT antennas specified for the maritime industry (yachts, passenger ships, fishery / workboats, merchant vessels, naval ships, oil & gas offshore).

Product maintenance is important to sustain the best quality.

Maintaining EPAK maritime satellite antenna is a relatively simple process, and proper care should result in years of trouble-free operation.

The following instructions are sufficient to sustain an optimal performance of the antenna unit:

  • Antenna should not be operated without the dome.
  • Ensure that the dome is cleaned once a month using fresh water and a mild detergent to remove dirt and salt deposits. During the cleaning do not use a high-pressure washer or high pressured water from a hose.
  • Cables should be cleaned and checked regularly to be tight and free of corrosion.
  • The ACU and the UPS must always be kept indoors. Exposure to rain, sunlight or moisture may damage the equipment.
  • EPAK maritime satellite antennas are covered by a protective layer of UV-stabilized and maritime climate-proof coating. Thus, any wax, preservative, solvent, chemicals or adhesive labels should not be applied.


1. Which type of cleaner you should NOT use to clean your dome?

Cleaners containing alcohol or dilution or similar products should not be used.

2. What you should do in case of any solvent comes in contact with the dome?

In case any solvent comes in contact with the dome by accident, rinse the area immediately with water and, if necessary, with a mild detergent.

For further reading please check the installation and user manuals.