TVRO and VSAT for Offshore communication


Satellite connectivity is key for the oil and gas industry

Downtime on an oil rig comes at an exorbitant cost, so the value proposition for VSAT has never been in question. Advanced communication solutions help digitalise operations and enhance overall business efficiency.

On-board business efficiency

Data is constantly being generated during drilling and seismic survey activities: Monitoring, sensing and sending all this data back to onshore offices via satellite can be critical to detect any areas of concern. Broadband satellite internet enables operators to manage heavy-bandwidth applications, such as live video for rig monitoring and remote collaboration, transfer of heavy data files, asset tracking, systems automation and cloud computing. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects machines in a network, allowing companies to benefit from knowledge of all operations regardless of region and benefit from the efficiencies of digitised automation.

Crew welfare

As workers on offshore installations or vessels spend weeks and months at sea, maintaining crew welfare via satellite has always been an important element to the oil and gas companies.

Telemedical Maritime Health Assistance

Health and safety has always been of utmost importance for oil and gas companies. High availability of satellite links allows applications such as telemedicine to deliver clinical health care in emergency situations, or e-training on safety and best practices for crew on-board.

Broadband internet | crew calling | Television

Oil workers are generally offshore for weeks at a time so they require a stable connection allowing video chats with friends and family, media streaming or surfing the web like at home.

Ikon - TV

Television on Board

Specifically designed to bring SD or HD satellite TV on-board.
Ikon - WiFi

Internet at Sea

Top-performing satellite Internet connection on-board.
Icon - representation of a network

Airtime & Support

EPAK offers airtime service together with the hardware on request.