Ship-to-Shore communication via satellite for merchant vessels


Advanced communication solutions help digitalise your operations, enhance overall business efficiency and support crew morale and loyalty. According to the latest Comsys report, VSAT has fundamentally shifted from a cost centre to a cost saver with very compelling Return on Investment.

Fleet management | broadband internet | VoIP calling | TV

Ship Efficiency: Automate data processes and operations.
Security & Safety: Manage risk and meet regulatory standards. Gain access to information database and enhance on-board troubleshooting.
Crew: Increase satisfaction and morale through means of entertainment and real-time communication with their families.

Ikon - TV

Television on Board

Specifically designed to bring SD or HD satellite TV on-board.
Ikon - WiFi

Internet at Sea

Top-performing satellite Internet connection on-board.

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Airtime & Support

EPAK offers airtime service together with the hardware on request.