Satellite connectivity solutions for maritime applications: flat panel antenna

Kymeta Peregrine u8

A complete connectivity solution for mobile use

EPAK has extended it‘s product portfolio to include Kymeta‘s electronically scanning, flat-panel satellite terminal for internet at sea. The Peregrine u8 antenna comes with a range of data options to provide mobile internet access via satellite or hybrid satellite/cellular networks.

Making internet-at-sea accessible to a broader group of users

Private use:

While the installation of VSAT terminals for satellite communication at sea has been steadily growing over the past years, not everyone has had a chance to participate until now. Kymeta u8 Peregrine can be the ideal solution for small and very small yachts, that have limited deck space and are looking for a lightweight internet antenna and fixed package data contracts. Monthly rates start as low as 360 EUR.

The antennas can typically be delivered, installed and activated within a matter of days.

Commercial use:

On the other hand, the same hardware can be bundled to achieve an internet connection for several crew and guests, reaching download speeds of 200 Mbps and data allowance of 5.000 GB or more. Several add-on options are available to tailor the service to meet the individual requirements.

The antennas can typically be delivered, installed and activated within a matter of days.
LEO Satellites revolutionize the maritime connectivity

The use of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites has revolutionized maritime communication, bringing forth a range of compelling advantages. One of the most notable benefits are the impressive data rates at low cost, allowing ship crews to access high-speed internet services for retrieving vital information, enjoying entertainment, and conducting business operations.

Connected Vessel

The advantages of LEO satellites extend to all vessel types, catering to the diverse needs of maritime operations.

For commercial shipping, LEO satellite technology translates into enhanced navigational accuracy and real-time tracking, optimizing route planning and fuel efficiency.

Fishing vessels benefit from immediate access to weather updates, enabling safer and more productive expeditions.

Cruise ships can offer passengers seamless high-speed internet access, making voyages more enjoyable and connected. In the case of research vessels, rapid data transfer supports scientific endeavors, allowing for the swift analysis of oceanographic data.

For coastguards, emergency response and military vessels, LEO satellites ensure instant communication and coordination in critical situations. Fast and reliable connectivity is equally invaluable for offshore energy production, maritime exploration, and remote research endeavors. They facilitate seamless communication between personnel and the mainland, supporting real-time data transfer for monitoring and maintenance tasks.

Regardless of the vessel type, LEO satellite systems bring low latency and high-speed data rates to the maritime sector, ultimately improving safety, efficiency, and the overall experience for those on board.

Please contact us to discuss the options for your particular project – maritime or land mobile.

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Whether you’re navigating the open ocean, exploring inland waterways, near the shore, or venturing into deep waters, trust the Kymeta Peregrine u8—a purpose-built maritime solution. It guarantees dependable communication even in turbulent seas and demanding environments, effortlessly integrating with your vessel’s IT infrastructure. With its streamlined design and straightforward installation, the Peregrine u8 terminal offers trouble-free connectivity. Opt for Kymeta Peregrine u8 to elevate your maritime connectivity experience.
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Peregrine u8 Features

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  • Sleek terminals with cutting-edge technology
  • No need for a dry dock or cranes during installation
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  • Ultimate LEO connectivity for maritime users
  • Peregrine user terminal expertly configured for OneWeb
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  • Low profile and aerodynamic design
  • Native DC power input
  • Family of accessories for easy vessel integration
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  • Robust and reliable communications solution
  • Excellent pointing and tracking capabilities
  • Maintains connectivity in rough sea conditions
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  • Easily configure the terminal to suit unique connectivity needs
  • Reliable and high-speed connectivity regardless of location


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